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Hawaii Counseling and Education Center celebrates over 35 YEARS as an outpatient mental health and addiction recovery counseling center supporting our local community. We began working with families, couples and individuals, corporations, non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, and communities on April 8,1985. We offer a full range of outpatient clinical services to individuals, couples, and families.  We look forward to serving you. 

 Mental health is a thought away for every human being.

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A Bit of Background

Mental health, emotional, and social-well-being are a right, not a dream.  All programs at HCEC are based on the recognition and certainty that every client is born with the innate potential to discover and live from a naturally healthy state of mind within themselves.  The Principles of Mind, Thought, and Consciousness are the foundation of all clinical and educational services provided at HCEC.  Common sense and the feeling of love, understanding, and humor are the guides in helping clients regain their own sense of well-being and wisdom to live a healthy, happy, productive lives no matter what.

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Bringing Change

People come to us looking for help for parenting, anger management, healthy communication, or just to see how understanding the Three Principles can help people to create a healthier life. All of our programs are designed to draw out the health in people and point them in the direction of their own natural wisdom and wellbeing. 

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Helping The Community

Through Principles-based counseling, we assist people in activating their inner sense of security, and awaken to the power of how thought tricks us into reactions. Participants learn how to use their emotions as indicators of their own state of mind. As they start to see this, they take life less personally, take responsibility for their reactions, and start to regulate their emotions without effort. 

The intensity of the program is individualized in a manner that supports each person's needs. 

Reinforcing Family Values

Joy Respect Love

 At HCEC, we believe that every parent has the ability to be the best parent their children could ever have. We help parents see how to draw out the natural state of health in their children by listening, loving, and connecting. We help parents see how they have innocently been creating a more stressful life for themselves and their children. Our classes are designed help parents to live in calm, positive, and loving state of mind. From this space, we know that they will be able to handle the daunting task of raising children in today's world.

Kids in Preschool

Business Coaching

One Step at a Time

Executives and management from businesses of all sizes come to us wanting insight and experiential training in how to access theirs’ and their employees’ creative abilities.  In an age where knowledge is at our fingertips, the ability to transcend information in order to conceptualize something new and appropriate is imperative.  For that transition to happen, people must move from competition to co-creating, from talking to listening, and from strategy to inspiration.  We assist people in experiencing their unlimited capacity to create solutions and enhance relationships.  By collaborating with executives and management, we can assess the direct needs of their business.

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Counseling & Education

Addictions are a person's best attempt at trying to feel better when they are looking at their life as the cause of their experience. This thought-created illusion tricks people into trying to manage their stress through addiction. At HCEC, we will help you see how to awaken to the illusion so that you can live your life free of addictions. You will see that what you've been searching for is already inside you. Counseling is individualized, and the length and intensity of services is based on collaboration between your and your counselor. After counseling services are completed, HCEC encourages and provides continued health education workshops and seminars to help individuals stay in touch with their innate well-being.

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Ask about

Hawaii Counseling and Education Center 

welcomes graduate students in all mental-health disciplines that are interested in working from a Principles-Based approach. The Center creates a learning experience designed to provide students with clinical experience as a member of a treatment team.  Supervision and training is offered on-site and students are invited to all seminars and in-services offered by the Center.


The purer your thoughts are, the more love and understanding will be in your heart. 



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Administrative Director

Deb joined the staff in 1997.  She handles client intakes, assignment, and business matters for the agency. She has over 30 years of administrative experience in the mental health field. She liaisons closely with the therapists to facilitate appointments and manages client insurance issues.  She lives on a farm on Hawaii Island with her husband and their ever-increasing brood of feral pigs, and loves the Chicago Bulls with a passion.




 Clinical Director

Stan is a licensed clinical psychologist who has clinical experience with adults, children, and families. He previously worked for managed care organizations, Helping Hands Hawaii, Kahi Mohala, and the VA’s PTSD Residential Program. Additionally he has experience with substance abuse, assessments, and psychological testing. Born and raised in Hawaii, he received his Ph.D. from Northwestern University and his B.A. from Amherst College. Stan enjoys tennis, church and community service, cooking, and family activities.

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Executive Clinical Director

3PCG Registered Practitioner

Chris is a licensed marriage and family therapist is both Hawaii and Minnesota. She has been a student, trainer, and program developer of the Three Principles for over 30 years. She is a worldwide consultant and educator for business professionals, social services and health care agencies, as well as providing supervision for graduate students of social work and marriage and family therapy.


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Offices on Oahu & Hawaii Island

Write to us at Post Office Box 795, Pahoa, HI 96778



(808) 254-6484

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