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Intro To HCEC Anger Management Courses

With Christine Heath


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Freedom from Trauma

With Christine Heath and Rob Brooks.


This video is designed to help anyone who has gone through a traumatizing time in their life and wants to reclaim their psychological balance. 

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Psychology has it Backwards


Psychology Has It Backwards is a weekly podcast offering mental health professionals a fresh look at the fundamental cause of stress and distress, and the fundamental source of cure.


It’s simpler than it has seemed, and the result is sustained mental well-being. Psychology has had it backwards.

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The Relevance of Sydney Banks' Role


This podcast was born out of a deep feeling. It consists of a series of conversations with individuals who met Sydney Banks in person and who were his students/mentees and also with individuals who never met him in person and still consider him their teacher/mentor. Its focus is mainly on the relevance of Sydney Banks’s role within the Three Principles understanding. And furthermore, there is a question to explore, certainly understanding the relevance of his role, as, why is it crucial?

To learn more about Sydney Banks please visit his website, and

Listen to the podcast now. (Free Spotify account required)

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